Dijkstra Map Demo

Written by: Wayne Dietz
Start by choosing the "Set Start" radio button then click on a map tile until the tile turns blue.
Now you have the option to:
    To add goals to find by choosing the "Add Goal" button and clicking the map until it turns green.
    To add unpassable tiles by choosing the "Add Blocked" button and clicking the map until it turns red.
    To allow or disallow diagnoal movement check or uncheck the "Allow Diagnoal" check box.
Now click the "Find Goal" button to locate the path to the nearest goal.
All tiles that were inspected are labeled with a number showing the amout of steps needed to take the shortest path to that tile.
If a goal is found a yellow path will be displayed leading to the closest goal.
To reset a map tile choose the "Clear" radio button and click the map tile you wish to reset.
To reset the entire map click the "Reset Map" button